An Introduction to the Three Days of Easter for the internet 03-17-18

This is an experiment for on the internet

This is an effort to recreate the heart of the annual “Three Days of Easter” that was a large portion of Euclid Street and the Garden Church. It is only an experiment so there are some rules of understanding. The material that I’m sharing is taken from that used for my preaching and teaching as pastor of that church for forty-four years of active ministry, and an additional fifteen years beyond active time. That means that most of the material was first used over fifty years ago. Some of the dates and settings of this material will still be visible.  All the material was first shared as Bible study material or in sermon form for a worship service. With that understanding and a bit of a willingness to plow through that which was first written to be heard not read then we are ready for “the Three Days of Easter” on the internet.

We have always called this experience “The Three Days of Easter” but, in reality, it is a study that covers eight days (and a bit more) of Gospel time.  Originaly we   started the celebration with a focus on the Triumphal Entrance on Palm Sunday and then a review of the total Scripture material on a Wednesday night. We also observed the Lord’s Supper (Communion) in total silence on Saturday night- thus the title Three Days of Easter.

For your information: There is a total of eighty-nine chapters in the Four Gospels and starting from the Triumphal Entry and a few chapters and verses beyond the Resurrection there are Sixty-three covering this week in the earthly life of our Lord.  Enjoy.

I’m Back

This has been an interesting trip and the following statement is in no way the final chapter. I’m back from technical problems on “preachercrow. Com.” And I’m back from an escrow effort by the present leadership to sell the property that the Garden Church originally possessed; and where our home has been for  eighteen years. There is an important connection between those two realities. Let me start by going back and correcting a mistaken title that was on this page about seven month ago. The mistaken part of that last statement was “The Birth, the Life, and the Death of the Garden Church.” My frustration and lack of faith were responsible for the mistake and for that I apologize. Let me remind you of bit of my philosophy of leadership is contained in that “apology.“ As pastor I often said, “Let’s go together for the biggest that can be possible, and if you will follow me and I am wrong then I will apologize.” Well, in part three of the title I was wrong  “The Garden Church” is not dead. Oh, it doesn’t meet every week and it doesn’t have a specific address but the concept is still very much alive. The “Garden Church” ideal existed for over 25 years as the Euclid Street Baptist Church and then it moved and became The Garden Church. Both the ESBC and The Garden Church existed as a Christian community / family. For the first twenty-five years that family/church concept lived on only a bit more than two acres at 1408 South Euclid Street in west Anaheim, California. That location is where we fine tuned the “Family Governance Concept” that I grew up with in a church known as the Sagamore Hill Baptist Church in fort Worth, Texas. We didn’t just attend that church, we actually “belonged to that church.”  We didn’t have “Business Meetings” we had “Family Conferences.”   And as with any family decision our voting was always 100%.  Does that mean that we always agreed? “NO,” but it did mean that we took the time to all get on the same page before we moved forward.  Sagamore Hill taught me a lot and the concept worked for forty-five years in Anaheim, California. And, most of all it worked in a massive relocation  that transitioned from being the Euclid Street Baptist Church to being the Garden Church.

“The Garden” is definitely not dead. It may be a little troubled because of neglect but it and “the garden church concept are very much alive.

(to be continued)

Another Manuscript:

I have been away from writing for about five months. In that time, I have been involved in serious reflections. I am not sure that I am truly qualified to put words on paper for others to read. My only justification is that through most of my forty-five years of preaching I produced a three or four paged manuscript that I shared with a congregation. I still have most of those and when I first got on the internet I thought of sharing those in some readable form. That is a rather large undertaking and I am uncertain about its future. But also, five months ago, I was faced with a new challenge and I have been in a bit of a cloud about my future and ministry. The conclusion of that soul-searching has produced the beginning of another manuscript. Most of that work is till in outline form and I will write it up and post it in readable (I hope) form for you to read if you desire. The working title of the manuscript is THE BIRTH, LIFE and DEATH of the GARDEN CHURCH. I have the first part well underway and will post it in a week or so. There is a vital part of the story that is involved in the total and that is Wanda. She was and is the ultimate Pastor’s Wife and is part of the story from beginning to end (which hasn’t been written yet).